SAT sports Pvt Ltd. D Cube Sports Club. Sy. No 17,18 & 19, Sathanur Village Bangalore


Mental :
Plays a major part in any sport. it is imperative that the mental aspect is well trained and drilled by having a game based approach and challenging kids during practice to be able to do things which they might find very hard and outside of their comfort zone.

Physical :
Will cover all aspects on and off court with regards to not just being physically strong and fit but all other fundamental aspect of fitness like balance, recovery, stability etc.

Tactical : Technique is based on the above three elements-physical, mental & Tactical as Tennis is a dynamic sport.

Technical :
Critical aspect to reduce injuries and fatigue, a part which will be based on the above three element and the approach more holistic.

Nutrition and regeneration :
As important as any of the above or even more important to stay free from injuries and to recover and stay fresh.

Success Stories At SAT

Jenny Smith

“It is exactly a year since my sons, Ashwin and Vidyut, started playing tennis at SAT Sports and I am very pleased to see the progress they’ve made so far. They eagerly look forward to each session and enjoy being at SAT Sports. I’m really impressed and happy with the individual focus each child gets from Sreenath and his team of coaches. Looking forward to a long association with SAT Sports.”
-Mr. Vinod Ramaswamy.
( father of Vidyut & Ashwin)

Nicky Roberts

“Getting the right coaching from childhood is critical for the overall development for any kid. Sachiv is privileged to be coached by Srinath and his team of coaches, which not only helps him develop the correct techniques but also groom him as a better human. What differentiates SAT from many is the scientific approach towards tennis and fitness, decades of experience, and the passion to produce a complete sportsman. SAT Sports has a very open and welcoming culture which makes it the second home for Sachiv..”
-Manishankar Das( father, sachiv Das)

Mary Warren

“It’s very rarely you come across such professionally managed places and at the same time players are given personal attention and care. This is a place I should have found long time ago for my daughter”

-Mr.Shankar Manoharan(Kavya’s Father)