"Every player is special they need to create their own means".
Srinath Prahlad

Our Coaching Philosophy

"Every child/player, who comes to us is a privilege. We learn from them, through them to teach how they are meant to be taught and not how we want to teach them."

We teach what each individual needs and not what we think is required. we have a holistic, simple and player centric approach. We are there for every kid/player irrespective of their goals.

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  • The players need to develop character & resilience to overcome obstacles and failures to be successful which enables them to build confidence. We integrate this in their daily routine through diferent excercises on and off court.

  • Physical

  • Needless to say, physical conditioning is an important requirement of modern day sports. Besides being physically strong & fit, an integration of various aspects of fitness is the key to the overall physical development.

  • Tactical

  • The most important element for improving and developing a player. Tactical training is a part of the regular routine.

  • Technical

  • Critical aspect to reduce injuries and fatigue, a part which will be based on the above three elements and the approach is more holistic.

  • Nutrition & Regeneration

  • You are what you eat. Eating healthy and clean is as important as any of the above or even more important to stay fit, injury free and for good recovery. We should respect the 3R's-Rest, Recovery & Rejuvenation. Combination of nutrition and regeneration, keeps the player ready for their combat.
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