Our Programs

Our programmes are available through out the year. Structured programmes for all age groups are designed covering all aspects of the game to maximise the learning capablity in a fun, competitive and healthy atmosphere.

Little Aces

  • Customized program for our little ones
  • 5-9 years
  • "Fun & Learn"
  • Initiation with red balls and gradual progression to orange and green dot balls, as per the ITF guidelines.
  • Focus on developing good motor skills, co-ordination, balance, perception, agility etc. Which helps in building a solid base for further development towards competitive tennis.
  • Options:-2 days|3 days|5 days a week programs
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    Budding Aces

  • 10-15 years
  • A step closer towards developing into a complete tennis player with focus on developing and improving the tennis skills and physical condition.
  • We train Tuesday through Sunday, Monday being the weekly off.
  • Customized weekly|weekend programs also available.
  • Options:-3 days|6 days a week
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    High Performance

    -A program designed for pros and players aspiring to pursue college tennis|tennis scholarship.
    -Emphasis is on game style, winning, tactical, and physical conditioning
    -Age:12 & above
    -Tennis:3-4hrs a day, 6days|week
    -Physical fitness:2hrs|day
    -Periodic fitness evaluation
    -Periodic Tennis Assessment
    -Video Analysis

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    Half a day program

    "Small steps in the right direction"
    Begin your journey towards your goal with our half a day program.There is no short cut to success, it is earned by hard work day in day out.

  • Age group-10 and above
  • Must have basic tennis skills
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    Adults Training Program

  • -Weekdays Program(3 days|5 days a week)
  • -Weekend Program(2 days)
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